Rebound 2015 - FPV Meet

Well, what an epic meet, thanks again to Andy for hosting it. I sadly didn't get much footage of anything else except for the quad racing, but it was epic nonetheless. Shame about the weather, next time will involve more beer & bbq's, but at least we got the fireworks on the go :)

I managed to come first in all but one of the FPV Quad races we did, which meant I took away the prize for that challenge - a Gravity 280 frame! Can't wait to build it, it's going to have an extremely fast setup to put it through it's paces :)

And a fun image for you:

Quad stack featuring Hydra of Cleanflight

How many quads could a quadstack stack if a quadstack could stack quads?

We also realised, there's a hell of a lot of moneys worth in that pile!

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