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Falcon Multirotors Bannilite - Build Log & Review!

The Bannilite is available direct from FalconMultirotors (US), FPVHQ (US), PiroFlipRC (US), RaceDayQuads (US), GetFPV (US), Quadcopters.co.uk (UK), Airjacker (UK) and MakeItBuildIt.co.uk (UK) at the time of posting for $65 or £54.99 equivalent.

Larry Davis of Falcon Multirotors has always made great frames, I have

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TBS Vendetta: Build Log & Review

What? RTF FPV Racer for 5" props

How? Won on the MegaDroneX livestream

Why? Always wanted a good looking and great spec RTF.


Here's the generic features taken straight from the TBS description:

  • 240-sized RTF FPV Racer
  • Quick-replace 3.5mm carbon fiber arms, MT30 connectors
  • Cobra CM2204/2300kV
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